“McDonald's is making efforts but it's not their priority”

Of the 122 McDonald's that were visited by the association “Zero waste McDonald”, only 32% were equipped with sorting bins.


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The #zerodechetaumcdo movement published Thursday, November 14 a “report McPoubelle”, in which he denounced the absence of sorting bins in the majority of McDonald's restaurants. Between October 20th and November 12th, 122 McDonald's out of the 1,464 in France were visited. Only 32% were equipped with sorting bins. Six restaurants were in the process of being brought into compliance. “McDonald's is making efforts but it's not their priority”, explains franceinfo Marine Laclautre, a militant citizen at the start of a petition “Zero waste at McDo!”.

Why focus on sorting bins?

Marine Laclautre. That's what we can most easily check as a citizen, that is, we do not have the power to check what's going on in the kitchen. On the other hand, sorting bins, it's very easy to ask people to go to McDonald's to take pictures and tell us [which restaurant it was].

Do you ask McDonald's for an explanation?

I have no news from McDonald's. I had a first contact with them in March. They gave me several appointments that they postponed and it's been a few months they do not answer me at all. I hope that they will react, even to contradict me, and that they will have their own figures and that they will reveal them to us.

Why focus on McDonald's when there are others?

My ultimate goal is that everyone goes to zero waste. My personal story started at McDonald's and it's also the market leader. I tell myself that if the leader changes, the others will follow more easily behind.

McDonald's launches cup without straw and without plastic. What do you think ?

That's not enough, but I'm not going to throw stones at them because I think they're trying to take into consideration the ecological demands of the people. For me, they are still late. Apparently, this kind of cup lid would be in a kind of cardboard, so probably recyclable, but we do not have much more information. This is not enough compared to all the waste they produce, a kilo of waste per second in France.

Brunette Poirson sets a target of 70% by the end of the year for fast-food restaurants. France is the 2nd largest McDonald's market in the world, with 1,800,000 meals served per day. Will you continue your investigation?

Yes, our report will evolve until the end of the year and after until the end of 2021 since 100% of sorting must be done by the end of 2021. McDonald's makes efforts but that is not their priority.

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