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Good news for those confined to the Big Mac and other McDonald's burgers. The fast-food brand confirmed Thursday evening preparing to reopen around thirty of its restaurants in France for drive and home delivery, which raises the concern of employees of certain establishments still active in the region of Tours. “We are currently testing, in three restaurants in the Paris region and 12 restaurants in the west of France, an operational guide aimed at ̀ significantly strengthening health measures for our staff and our customers” on drive and home delivery activities. , a spokesperson for the fast-food chain told AFP.

This guide, “validated by a scientific committee made up of experts in infectious diseases and virology”, continues McDo, should allow the brand “to put in place the right protective measures for all of our teams and our customers when the time has come to reopen more widely, “he said. A little earlier, the collective “Your rights at McDonald's” animated by CGT Commerce, had mentioned a video of the president of the group in France, Nawfal Trabelsi, addressed to managers, devoted to this “operational guide” tested in three restaurants. This provides masks, reduced teams to avoid crossing, marking on the ground to respect a minimum distance of 1 meter.

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Neither mask nor gloves

The hamburger giant plans to reopen “thirty” restaurants on a voluntary basis after a test period. Since the containment, 12 restaurants out of approximately 1,490 McDonalds in France have remained open for drive and for home delivery in the Tours region, operated by a franchisee, Bernard Simmenauer. “These 12 restaurants have never closed completely, and operate at the expense of the health of staff and customers,” protests Irvin Violette of the React association, which notably defends McDo workers. “McDo assumes to have kept these restaurants open in Tours and its region, as a foreshadowing of the conditions for the gradual reopening of stores. They therefore assume to have put the employees and customers of these McDo at risk, since their procedures were not yet ready, “he said.

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According to Quentin Couty, union delegate at McDo in Tours les Deux Lions, employees worked in March without a mask or gloves, and without respecting safety distances. Seven of them exercised their right of withdrawal, and as many gave up on pressure from management, who said they would not be paid. “They were finally paid, but not me,” said the delegate, who launched a right of alert. Following an intervention by the labor inspectorate, measures were implemented on Thursday, including the supply of masks, “when we only had beards (equivalent to a charlotte for hair ) “, he told AFP. The restaurant also maximizes contactless payments and has set up a Plexiglas for collection. “Safety distances are, in my opinion, impossible to implement,” says Quentin Couty.


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