Michel Platini claims to have “never changed his mind”

Nine years after the vote to award the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, Michel Platini assures Wednesday, November 6 on franceinfo not to regret his report. “I have always voted for the development of football, He explains. I had voted for Morocco four years before. I created the Euro in 13 countries because it will allow many countries to receive the Euro, create stadiums and win something, and then it was five or six times that the Arab world had lost. And so at a certain point, for the development of football, it's great to go to the Gulf. “

“I asked for two thingshe says. I asked for it to be the Gulf World Cup, meaning that Qatar would eventually make an effort to bring Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and the whole Gulf back with them, and then the second thing, that the World Cup be in November, in December. “

While Sepp Blatter accused Michel Platini of having changed his mind about his vote on the occasion of a lunch at the Elysee with Nicolas Sarkozy, the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister of Qatar, in 2010, Platini assures that he has not “never changed your mind”.

“It's still a political vote, so one day I called the Élysée and I said that I would like to say to the President of the Republic for whom I was going to vote, that he knows it. finalsays Michel Platini. I arrived, yes, there were those people there. But these same people, I had seen them three weeks before, because they had come to present the file of the World cup to all the members of the executive committee. “

Moral: do not go to lunch at the Elysee, because you can only have trouble after!

Michel Platini

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