Michel Platini greets “someone nice, wonderful”, “our big brother”

“Michel was much more important for French football than the mere results of matches,” said former France team captain Michel Platini on Franceinfo.

Michel Hidalgo “was someone nice, wonderful, educational, someone who is our big brother or our big dad”, described on Thursday March 26 on franceinfo Michel Platini, former captain of the France team, after the death of the former coach at the age of 87.

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Michel Platini remembers a coach who “recreated“French football. “We were European champions [in 1984], but Michel's story was not limited to just one title. It was important for French football”, says the former player.

Michel Hidalgo is not just about the coach. He was also the man who recreated French football in the 1970s.Michel Platiniat franceinfo

“After years and years of collapse, French football has started up again. Regardless of all the matches we have played, all the results and the coach, Michel has had much more importance for French football than the simple match results “, greets Michel Platini.

“He became a coach in 1976”, remembers Michel Platini. “His first selection corresponds with mine, and we have been together on all the matches of the France team together. We were able to discover the coach and especially the man who was someone nice, wonderful, pedagogue, someone who is our big brother or our big dad “, says the former footballer.

It was someone who was there to help us, to talk to us, who loved us, who was an educator, and then it was someone who let us live, play, improvise.Michel Platiniat franceinfo

“He created the team, and then after, it was up to us to manage. We tried to do it as best as possible”, evokes the former captain of the France team. According to him, “Michel Hidalgo tried, according to his style of play, to print the French team the same technique, the same way to play the beautiful game. French football did not exist in those years, and Michel has been the voice of everyone, including footballers “. President of the UNFP, Michel Hidalgo then created the union with Just Fontaine in particular: “They were precursors. They were people who created all the football we know today and who were important to our history.”

Michel Hidalgo coached the French football team from 1976 to 1984. He qualified the Blues for the final phase of the World Cup in 1978 in Argentina. He brought the first title in the history of the Blues with the victory during the Euro 1984 organized in France. His career as a coach was also marked by the semi-final defeat of the 1986 World Cup against Germany. It was in Seville, Spain. He participated in the emergence of a whole generation of internationals, Michel Platini, Maxime Bossis, Alain Giresse, Bernard Lacombe.


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