Migraine: what if we tried hypnosis?

The origin of the migraine pain is to look for the vessels that irrigate the scalp and the brain. Some of these ships are between meninges, another inside the brain tissue. The wall of these vessels contains muscle fibers able to contract and relax. This is the way to increase or decrease the diameter vessels. This mechanism makes it possible to adapt the quantity and the pressure of blood in the brain. Migraine occurs when the wall of blood vessels contracts quickly. That's what makes the brain suffer.

Juliette has been suffering from migraine for 9 years. She has been on medication for years, but that is not enough. With hypnosis, she learns to defocus her pain: by giving her a mental image. Juliette manages to control it and make it disappear. Five to ten hypnosis sessions are recommended for chronic migraines. To be effective, hypnosis should be performed regularly outside sessions, including through self-hypnosis.


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