Mike Pence spokeswoman tested positive for coronavirus, the second case in a week at the White House

The U.S. vice president and Donald Trump, who are tested daily, said they were negative for the virus.

A second confirmed case of Covid-19 at the White House this week. Spokesperson for US vice president Mike Pence, Katie Miller, tested positive for the new coronavirus, news sources and official sources reported on Friday, May 8. “I'm fine and can't wait to get back to work for the American people “, she tweeted Friday night.

Without mentioning her name, a senior American official had reported to journalists that an employee of the team of the vice-president had been tested positive at Covid-19. Later in the day at a conference before Republican elected officials, Donald Trump had referred to a “Katie”, ensuring that she was working “in press relations”.

This is the second case of coronavirus contamination at the White House this week, after a Navy member in the service of Donald Trump. The head of state and Mike Pence, who are tested daily, said they were negative for the virus. These contaminations come as the American president advocates a rapid reopening of the American economy, devastated by the implementation of massive measures of containment and social distancing. Donald Trump has also been criticized for refusing to wear a mask in public, despite the recommendations of his own health experts.


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