Militaries dead in Burkina Faso: their companions testify

They walk at the same pace to the Invalides (Paris). Léa and Florence are united in pain, that of the loss of their spouses, Alain Bertoncello and Cédric de Pierrepont. These special forces commandos died last May by saving French hostages in Burkina Faso. This is the first time they return to where the nation's tribute took place, in the Invalides' courtyard. These images will remain engraved forever in their memory.

“We feel dead, empty, alone”, says Florence Charton, companion of Cédric de Pierrepont. The two women did not know each other before the death of their spouses who are part of the same group. Together, they evoke happy memories. Léa and Florence will be present for the ceremonies of 11-November and the inauguration of a stele with the names of Alain Bertoncello and Cédric de Pierrepont.

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