Municipal 2020: the Italian model used on a leaflet of the RN plans to lodge a complaint

“I do not want to be associated with something that does not concern me.” In spite of herself, Maria Falconieri, a young Italian model and former star of reality TV transalpine, found herself embarked in the race for the French municipal 2020.

To understand the origin of this case, we must go back to last October 15, when the Patriots of Forbach, the party of Florian Philippot, ensure on social networks that on a leaflet, the National Gathering “makes pass a young woman from 'An Anglo-Saxon Image Bank for a Colistiere.'

The RN defends itself from any special effects

In reality, after a survey of the show Daily and Figaro, it is discovered that the photography comes from a bank of images, but Italian. Contacted, the photographer assures that the cliché taken in 2015 “had been made on a white background for the agency” and that “the photo had to be bought before being integrated into this montage.”

However, nothing seems to be illegal in this purchase, and in this use, since the professional assures that “the images should not be used for criminal or pornographic purposes or anything related to the degradation of human integrity. “

Illegal maybe not, but immoral? Questioned by the Republican Lorrain, Lucien Terragnolo, the candidate of the RN for Forbach, defends itself for never having “said or written that it is a colistière.” Initially, a sympathizer was to appear on the leaflet, but the latter retracted at the last moment.

“The idea was to show the diversity of our movement, the youth, we wanted to symbolize the team spirit … and not at all present our list,” he continues.

Filing complaint?

Only problem for the far-right party, Maria Falconieri, through his lawyer Giuseppe Matteo Schiavello, thinks to lodge a complaint against the National Rally, adds Le Figaro.

“We are ready to start a case against this party for associating the image of my client with a political campaign that has nothing to do with it,” the lawyer concludes.


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