Municipal: the battle of Paris

It is the most watched election, because the stakes are out of the norm. Paris has a budget of 9 billion euros, more than many ministries, and has 50,000 municipal staff. To be mayor of Paris is to occupy one of the most powerful positions in the Republic. No wonder the battle is so tough there. As in 2014, women take the lead roles. There are three of them. Two men could play dream makers. Anne Hidalgo thinks that she does not really need to campaign, the news having shaken everything.

Meetings on the Covid-19 follow one another, and the outgoing mayor plays the card of legitimacy and continuity. This mayor's office is there, and it is better that it remains there: that is, in broad outline, its program. “I want to take Paris even further on the path of its transformation, and I think we have achieved very great things, such as obtaining the Olympic Games”, she specifies. Rachida Dati thinks that she will win votes where Anne HIidalgo lost them: in the lower classes.

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