My info. The more you have your smartphone loaded, the better you go!


The level of your laptop battery can affect your morale. It is very serious. This is a research conducted by a business school that depends on the City University of London, University of London, which interviewed residents of the British capital.

Teaching this survey: a smartphone user does not have the same notion of the possible 5% battery when it has 95% autonomy. And without doing it on purpose, I did the test. In writing this column, it was gray, it was cold, I did not have the morale. In addition you have to get up in the night, it's hard, and there I looked at my mobile: I was 12%. The battery icon was displayed in red. In short, there was nothing that went.

And then I plugged this damn phone and this morning, a whole world opened to me. It was great. Well, we laugh, but technology companies, those who live on our digital data, they do not just laugh. It makes them think.

Because this reaction to the charge level of the battery, potentially, is more money. For example, when you order a VTC – a chauffeur-driven vehicle – or a train ticket. According to this British study, if your battery is 2%, you are ready without realizing it, to pay more. Time is money. Even when it counts in time of remaining battery.


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