My info. The oyster-free sauna of Angela Merkel on the night of the fall of the Wall

Angela Merkel, near an entire segment of the Berlin Wall, on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. (ROBERT MLCHAEL / AFP)

That evening, in East Berlin, a 35-year-old woman returns from work in her small two-room apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. She calls her mother because she just heard that the East Germans were free to travel. She told her mother that if the wall finally fell, who knows, she would take him oysters to eat at Kempinski, a luxury hotel in West Berlin.

But everything is a bit confusing. Nobody really believes that night. So, like every Thursday, this young German goes to the sauna. She will not change her habits. Especially in the GDR, it's almost a confession of treason: the wall is falling and she goes to the sauna. Meanwhile, the wall opens. A first breach. Right next to his apartment. But she is quiet in the sauna. Corks jump, it's a party everywhere. Berliners move from East to West, and vice versa. It is 22:30, maybe 23h, and our young German returns home. She sees people everywhere, goes to the crossing, she follows the crowd, and there, suddenly, she who grew up in East Berlin is in the West. When leaving the sauna. She finds herself in an apartment, she does not know anyone, she opens a can of beer. His first beer from the West.

This 35-year-old German girl is named Angela. Angela Merkel. The following year, she goes into politics. In 2005, she is Chancellor. She always is, to celebrate the 30 years of the fall of a Wall, one evening when she was in the sauna. And thirty years later, she still has not brought her mother to eat oysters at Kempinski.


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