My info. The true face of Peter Pan

An image from the 1953 cartoon (WALT DISNEY)

You all know him: Peter Pan, the child who didn't want to grow up. A hero popularized by Disney from the 50s. But what is less known is that Peter Pan was not born from the imagination of Walt Disney.

Peter Pan was born at the very beginning of the 20th century, from the pen of an unknown Scottish author, JM Barrie. And to return to JM Barrie what belongs to him, the Editions des Saints-Pères have decided to publish the original manuscript of the author. 282 pages, embellished with drawings. An edition of 1,000 numbered copies, which will delight collectors.

But beyond the marketing coup, the manuscript reveals the true face of Peter Pan. Thanks to annotations, erasures, doubts of the author. Everything is reproduced identically. And Peter Pan actually appears much more mischievous, and more turbulent than that of Disney. JM Barrie also describes him as contemptuous, arrogant and selfish. Just that. Far from the nice little flute player dressed in green. By the way, Neverland is actually called … Never Neverland, and it is much more mysterious than the one we know.

Finally, the released version of Peter Pan is more joyful. Far from the author's original idea. Who made it a rather dark, more complex text, where the child appears in fierce features. Closer to the Frankenstein universe than that of Disney.


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