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Cylindrical nest boxes for great tits, square nest boxes for bats. The four-hectare vineyard of Fabien Lombard in Suze, in the Drôme, has become in a few days a small welcome nest for bats and birds. If they had not particularly disappeared from the landscape, their presence, and especially their maintenance on the spot contributes to an eco-responsible agriculture. “We are improving biodiversity, the resilience of farms. We especially want not to see insecticides in the vineyard plots, and that it is the birds, the bats that work for the winemaker by rebalancing the environment so as not to put products outside the vineyards“, specifies the wine-grower.

A long-term biodiversity project

A total of nine Diois farmers joined this project, representing a quarter of the area cultivated under the “Clairette de Die“. 800 nest boxes were thus deployed. But another work, horticultural this time, is in progress, with the planting of hedges at the edge of vineyards. The impact on nature and populations will be measured each year, with the objective, to convert all of the Diois vineyards to this biodiversity project within three years.

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