New coronavirus has not become less pathogenic, warns WHO

Silvio Berlusconi's doctor said on Italian television that the new coronavirus had disappeared from Italy.

There is no evidence to suggest that the new coronavirus has become less pathogenic, warned an official of the World Health Organization (WHO), Monday, June 1 after the words of a famous Italian doctor saying that the virus was losing its virulence.

“We must be exceptionally careful not to give the impression that suddenly the virus, by its own will, decided to become less pathogenic. This is not at all the case”said Michael Ryan, head of the WHO emergency response program, at a virtual press conference. The new coronavirus “remains a killer virus” and “thousands of people continue to die every day”, he said.

Sunday, Alberto Zangrillo, the director of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, best known in Italy as the doctor of Silvio Berlusconi, since he follows the health of the former head of the Italian government, made a resounding statement to the Rai , Italian public television. “In reality, the virus no longer clinically exists in Italy”, he said. “The samples taken during the last ten days have shown an absolutely infinitesimal viral load in quantitative terms compared to those taken a month or two months ago”, did he declare.

For WHO, these findings could be explained by less exposure to the virus. “We don't know if this is the case for Covid-19, but it is possible that it is not the virus itself which becomes less virulent, but that we, as a community, manage to reduce the number , intensity and frequency of exposure to the virus “said Michael Ryan. “On the surface, the virus seems weaker but it could be weaker because we are improving (in his knowledge and management), not because it weakens. I hope the virus weakens, we all hope so, but at this stage we cannot bet on it “, he added.


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