New Delhi suffocates under a cloud of pollution

“Pollution has reached unsustainable levels in northern India”commented Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Sunday, November 3, air pollution reached its highest level this year in the agglomeration of New Delhi, the Indian capital. A compact fog has formed in the city. Thirty flights had to be diverted for lack of visibility: the planes could not land.

The streets were partially emptied Sunday, many residents, worried about their health, preferring to stay at home. Given the scale of the phenomenon, exacerbated by the weather and agricultural burns in neighboring regions, local authorities have sounded the health alert. They ordered the closure of schools, as well as the suspension of construction works.

The index measuring the concentration of fine particles in the air has exceeded 900, well above the level “strict” (from 400 to 500), already considered dangerous for patients suffering from lungs but also for some people in good health. Doctors have observed an increase in the number of cases of respiratory problems, according to Local Circles, a consulting firm conducting public policy studies.

No improvement is expected over the next 24 to 48 hours, especially given the level of humidity in the air, warned the government agency monitoring the air quality (Safar).


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