New flight system will allow you to learn to fly in just 30 minutes

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The system developed by the American company Skyryse works with a tablet or a joystick with a touch screen. Tools that greatly simplify the flight process for a pilot and reduce their training time.

Becoming a real pilot in 30 minutes is the promise of an American company specializing in high technology for transportation. Indeed, as explained West France, the Skyryse company is developing tools to facilitate flights for pilots. The aim is to reduce the risk of accidents linked to human error. Tools that could theoretically allow anyone to fly an airplane.

Skyryse has just developed a brand new automated flight system called FlightOS. The tool works with a tablet or a touchscreen joystick. One way to simplify the flight process since it is an on-board computer that monitors limits, flight paths and weather to allow planes to fly, even in conditions of low or zero visibility. The pilot has practically nothing to do since the computer has also been configured to respond automatically to several emergency situations, such as engine failure or loss of altitude.

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Mark Gronden, CEO and founder of Skyryse, told Business Insider that, in absolute terms, its flight system can allow anyone to fly an airplane in 30 minutes! This notable simplification of flight tools with more intuitive controls requires fewer hours of training than the thousands of flight hours required today due to the complexity of the systems. This innovation was in fact made based on the observation that 85% of air accidents are due to human errors.



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