new high tide peak, state of emergency decreed

The water had ebbed but is already back, Friday, November 15. And this with a new peak at 1.50 m, just three days after historic floods. Submerged, the famous St. Mark's Square was closed, for the greatest tourist's displeasure. Not easy for thousands of travelers to continue to visit the Serene. Others have fun and take pictures.

For traders, already hard hit by the first flood, everything has to be redone. “I had to close the shop, we had to wait for the water to withdraw, and then we could see the extent of the damage.”, says a restaurant owner. A first emergency envelope of 20 million euros has been released, but it will take much more. “We will not be able to save anything, everything is submerged … we are losing our city, it's a disaster”, deplores a resident. A call for donations to save Venice has just been launched by the town hall.

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