New world. An electronic bracelet to prevent connected assistants from listening to us

The bracelet diffuses ultrasound which neutralizes any microphone. (University of Chicago)

Are you attracted to voice assistants that allow you to do all kinds of things at home but you are one of those people who fear big eavesdroppers in the middle of their living room? It’s the same with these computer science professors at the University of Chicago who developed a anti spy bracelet.

In fact, the bracelet is a fairly large device with 24 mini-speakers. These send, in all directions, ultrasound which generates a white noise which has the effect of blurring any electronic listening.

Still in prototype state

The voice assistants are neutralized but also the smartphones, cameras or other micro-spies. Ultrasound is imperceptible to most people, except perhaps young people and animals.

This device is still a prototype but its inventors think they can mass produce it for around twenty dollars.


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