New world. Artificial intelligence helps reduce cities' carbon footprint

An Engie bill, in December 2018. (RICCARDO MILANI / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

The Engie group has developed several software solutions energy management programs that are supposed to promote the zero carbon transition.

franceinfo: How does the fight against global warming go through software?

Stéphane Quéré, director of innovative business at Engie : Our customers, businesses or cities want to save energy and have renewable energy. To save energy, it is necessary to finely analyze consumption and find tips to reach the result. As for renewable energies, which are intermittent, it also takes a lot of technology and a lot of software to provide a permanent service.

What is the Power consumption management solution that you have deployed to Ohio University in the United States?

We have set up on this huge campus 12,000 sensors that help us to define the profile of different buildings (hospital, classrooms, housing). This makes it possible to control the heaters automatically thanks to a learning system, based on artificial intelligence.

We have opened this system to students who can access data and develop applications, for example, to encourage people to do the right thing to save energy, and so on. In one year, this has achieved 10% energy savings.

Are these genuine innovations or a simple “greenwashing” from Engie?

It's not greenwashing, it's business. This example, and many others, are contracts we have won because the software brings a plus to customers. Today, energy is technology.


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