New world. French-built camera allows autonomous cars to understand what they see

Outsight French camera, still in prototype state, allows autonomous cars to better understand road and obstacles (OUTSIGHT)

Paris-based company Outsight received an “Innovation Award” for a semantic 3D camera. Raoul Bravo, co-founder of this company is the guest of Jérôme Colombain.

franceinfo: Can we say that Usisight improves the sight of autonomous cars?

Raul Bravo, co-founder of Outsight : yes, our semantic 3D camera allows to see the depth of things, that is to say to know how far objects are. The term “semantic” means that it allows autonomous cars to “understand” what they see. It can detect objects, such as traffic signals, and also the chemical composition of materials to know if it is skin (ie a human being), textile, metal, plastic, etc.

Will the autonomous car really see the light of day?

Yes, it is certain, but the question is to know under what circumstances the autonomous car will be able to circulate. I do not believe that there will be short-term self-driving cars that are ubiquitous in city centers. However, this will certainly happen in controlled environments where you can easily check what is going on. Ideally, from a technical point of view, there should be only autonomous cars in the streets, but it is obviously impossible.

How is France in the race for AI?

I would not say that France is late. AI is a vast field that can not be treated as one. I think there is a strong card to play in the embedded AI. The fabric of talents and experiences of French engineers is specially adapted to this.


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