New world. Teams, Discord, Zoom… These communication applications whose use explodes with containment

The Teams application on a smartphone. (JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOURDILLAT / RADIO FRANCE)

Since this week, with confinement in France, the application Microsoft teams has the wind in its sails. This corporate social network is a mixture of e-mail, instant messaging and videoconferencing, which allows you to organize continuous conversations, to exchange and work together on documents without forgetting virtual meetings by videoconference.

This application is included in the Office 365 toolbox, widely used in businesses. In addition, Teams has been free since the coronavirus crisis. It has also been used, since this week, by certain teachers to make their students work. As a price for this success, the Teams application experienced malfunctions on Monday, March 16, which were in principle resolved today.

Microsoft Teams (released in 2016) is inspired by Slack (launched in 2013), one of the very first collaborative work tools. Slack is widely used by startups, first in Silicon Valley, then around the world. Another fashionable application: Discord, a free VoIP service popular with gamers (video game players) in particular. Finally, for video, two or more, the application Zoom is particularly suitable.

In terms of confidentiality, these tools are, in principle, reliable. Even if some, like Slack, had to face problems, today solved in principle. However, watch out for misuse. The risk of using these digital communication tools is to inadvertently send certain messages to the wrong recipients. If we are not careful, we quickly let slip a little bit about a colleague or a story a little too personal, in a group of several dozen people … Not always easy, then, assume the consequences.


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