New world. The arrival of Apple TV + marks the beginning of an audiovisual earthquake

Apple TV + presentation by Apple CEO Kim Cook in Cupertino, California, March 25, 2019. (NOAH BERGER / AFP)

Apple TV + arrives Friday, November 1 in a hundred countries, including France. On the program: a still limited catalog of series and documentaries and some headliners like Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Jason Momoa or Steven Spielberg. Apple TV + arrives with a very aggressive price, 4.99 euros per month for six screens, almost two times cheaper than Netflix. Another lever to quickly win subscribers: one year of subscription offered for any purchase of a device of the Apple brand. How to watch Apple tv +? Answer: On all Apple devices (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone), some connected TVs, any computer (via a web browser) or some TV accessories (Amazon Fire TV).

The arrival of Apple TV + probably marks the beginning of an audiovisual earthquake. The American is in any case the first of a wave of new entrants in an increasingly crowded market. In France, we already have Netflix, Canal + Séries, OCS, Amazon Prime and SFR Play, among others. In 2020, in addition to Apple TV +, there will be more Disney +, which is already shaking the entire ecosystem, probably Peacock (NBC Univ) not to mention the French Salto (TF1, M6, France Televisions).

All this raises many questions. Will there be room for everyone? Will there be deaths? Who will win? So many questions today unanswered but that augur a battle without mercy where the children are likely to suffer. How French Salto (TF1, M6, France Televisions), in particular, will pull out of the game, with budgets infinitely less important than those of American heavyweights (135 million for the launch of Salto against 15 billion per year original production for Netflix, six billion at Apple)? Finally, remains the question of the good old television “flow” whose long-term future looks complicated.

As for the viewer, he also risks being a little disoriented by this plethora of content. Enough is enough ? Each subscription costs between six and 12 euros per month, it seems difficult to access all catalogs. The amateurs of series will have to make choices or to play on the offers without commitments which make it possible to zap from one platform to another. This is how the series Game Of Thrones had allowed OCS (HBO partner) to garner more subscribers but some of which subscribed after the end of the series last May.


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