New Zealand: they work 4 days and are paid 5

In New Zealand, the balance between private and professional life is advocated. There, a new labor revolution is under way. In the heart of Auckland, Perpetual Guardian is the first company in the world to have introduced the four-day, paid five week. The 200 employees of this wealth management company can choose one more day off during the week. And there is no question of being paid less or working longer on other days.

To increase productivity over four days, employees have removed some bad habits. “People are encouraged to talk to people rather than write to themAdrian Chapman explains, CEO Andrew Barnes had the idea of ​​a four-day week reading an article while traveling by plane.Stress levels dropped by 15%“The New Zealand employers believe that this system is made for executives, but not for the workers, who work for example on a production line.

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