nine sailors kidnapped off the port of Cotonou

Many pirates rage in the maritime area on which Benin depends. As a result, it is today the most dangerous region in the world.

Nine sailors waiting in the port of Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin, were kidnapped on 2 November 2019 by suspected pirates, port authorities said the following day. “The Autonomous Port of Cotonou regrets to inform you that on Saturday morning, November 2, 2019, an act of piracy took place in the harbor area of ​​the Port of Cotonou”according to a statement.

“The Bonita vessel – the owner and flag of which is unknown – was attacked approximately 9 miles from the harbor entrance and 8 crew members plus the captain of the vessel were removed “, the port authorities said. An investigation is under way and other crew members, safe and sound, have been auditioned.

The Gulf of Guinea, which extends from Cameroon to Liberia, has become “the region of the world most affected by maritime piracy”, franceinfo Africa announced on July 25, 2019. Boat attacks and kidnappings for ransoms are relatively common, although most often concentrated along the Nigerian coast, from which pirates originated.

They sometimes hijack the ships for several days, time to loot the bunkers, and ask for large ransoms before releasing the crew.

Piracy in the Gulf, home to the two main sub-Saharan black gold producing countries, Nigeria and Angola, has seriously disrupted this vital international shipping route to the continent. It has cost the global economy billions of dollars.


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