no, Bernie Sanders supporters are not bad at geography

The supporters of Bernie Sanders, vying to represent the Democratic Party in the next American presidential election, all useless in geography? This is the meaning of a February 18 tweet from Ted Cruz, candidate for the Republican primaries in 2016.

That's the electoral base of Bernie Sanders – the same people who answer the polls as socialism, it's great because free stuff is cool and has no idea how many countries have tried to do that, and failed. The antidote: the facts, the truth and the merits “, Wrote the Republican senator, in a message shared by more than 11,000 people, and liked by more than 30,000 Internet users.

With this tweet, a two-minute video where we see several young people, succeeding each other in front of a world map, and being unable to locate any country. Visibly attached to the facts and the truth, Ted Cruz nevertheless commits a big lie in his Twitter message: there is no evidence that the people interviewed in this sequence are pro-Sanders.

Where does this video come from? From the famous American late-show The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and D'an episode broadcast in 2018 on the American channel ABC. Well before, therefore, that Bernie Sanders does not run into the race for 2020. The presenter also responded to Ted Cruz after his tweet, saying that the people had been chosen ” randomly “To play this” Game ” For the occasion, the show filmed a new edition of its micro-pavement, this time only interviewing anti-Sanders people. Result? Zero also pointed to the world map!

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