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New film, “Dark Fate Terminator”, on the French screens Wednesday, and return of the precursors: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton on the screen, James Cameron in production, back for a film with very big budget, and small ideas.

She's back: Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor from the origins, the one that's more than 20 years ago in Terminator 2 painfully saved the future of Humanity, forging the saga into history.

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Apart from that and the return of James Cameron to production, this new episode of a well-abused saga, especially with the oven of Terminator Genisys four years ago, is not a crazy originality. A new elected to protect, a young Mexican, a new Terminator sent from the future, seeming even more invincible … and a half-human half-machine to protect the elected.

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A lot of action, endless fight scenes, a reunion well supported by some heavy replicas, a “Schwarzy” embodying an old Terminator in search of redemption … And if, nevertheless, important roles and without too much Clichés entrusted to women, MacKenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes, the only touch a bit invigorating a film that often runs empty, an expected sequel and without new breath.

New film, new “Terminator”, history that goes round in circles

Dark Fate Terminator (20th Century Fox), theatrical on October 23rd. With Linda Hamilton, MacKenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Arnold Schwarzenegger …

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