Occitanie: the region is most affected by copper thefts

The phenomenon is not new, but in places it is still growing in France. Since the beginning of 2019, the Occitan region has been particularly affected by copper theft, to the point of concentrating half of the flights on the territory. And if the financial impact is real, that on the rural communes is less evoked. And yet, it is not trivial. Because it is these son, sold 5,000 euros per ton, which connects the municipalities to the telephone network and internet.

In Layrac-sur-Tarn, in Haute-Garonne, there were ten flights in two years. “It's very annoying, and we always pay the bill especially”complains one resident. One of the entrepreneurs, who chose to set up in rural areas, finally opted for a satellite connection. “We store data on the cloud, so on the internet The fact that we can not access the computer is a datum that was not necessarily integrated initially, and that poses real problems”says Cyril Moussard, CEO of Modulem, La Magdelaine-sur-Tarn (Haute-Garonne).

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