On the go and in front of screens: French dinners are less user-friendly than 20 years ago

In France, dinner is sacred. If the day, each one leads his schedule with his appointments and his activities, the evening meal has always been a privileged moment where the members of the family meet together seated around a table to discuss or simply take the weather. The traditional French meal is so important that it has even been added since 2010 at the Intangible Heritage of Humanity of Unesco.

However, according to the results of the first edition of the Datalicious Ifop barometer for the home meal delivery site Just eat, made from a sample of 1000 individuals, the evening meal is less and less user-friendly and more quickly dispatched, we learn in the Parisian.

French people eat faster and more often alone

The French thus seem more to seek comfort during meals. While the dining table is still popular with 81% of those questioned, it has lost 4 points in twenty years in favor of the soft sofa, its cushions and its plaid. This habit is above all feminine since 43% of them choose the sofa, against 32% of men. Similarly, it concerns more young people between 18 and 34 years old.

Another observation: the French eat faster. One person in two estimates that they spend less than thirty minutes at the table and less often with family, 6 points less than in 1999. Moreover, 43% of French people eat dinner alone at home. Once again, women and young generations stand out with 48% and 53% of followers respectively.

And when there are several of them sharing meals, half of them say they cook different things for the other members of the household. Vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free … dinner can be a real headache for cooks.

To please the guests

In 2019, screens are very important during the evening meal. According to the Datalicious barometer, the laptop is open in every second home on the dining table and it is not uncommon to see teenagers hanging on their cell phones between two bites to continue conversations with their friends or even see the greatest absorbed by the information.

If everyday, the “traditional meal” is in danger, when they receive at home, the French do not hesitate to take out their pots to cook house and please their guests. They gave up salads and soups sunk on the go (49% of French people, 19 points more than in 1999) for a complete starter / main course / dessert meal.


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