One in five farmers has no income in 2017

Nearly 20% of French farmers declared a zero income, or even a deficit of their exploitation in 2017, according to a report of INSEE published Thursday, despite an average income displayed increasing, to 1.390 euros monthly, with very large disparities .

The share of farms without income “is particularly high in the production of cereals and field crops (30%) and in the breeding of sheep, goats, equines and other animals (28%)”, according to INSEE.

A year of catastrophic harvest in 2016

For grain farmers, this can be explained by the shock wave caused by a year of catastrophic harvest in France in 2016, coupled with a fall in world prices.

A situation that continued to affect French farms in 2017, the marketing of grains being straddling for two years.

As a result, cereal farmers, traditionally the prosperous facade of the farm France, have generated an average net income before tax of less than 1,000 euros per month that year (+ 6.7%).

On average, farmers, given these bullets at their feet, also with a long-term crisis in the cattle industry, recorded an average monthly net taxable income of € 1,390 per month in 8.2% compared to 2016, with huge differences depending on the productions.

Viticulture is doing well

Not surprisingly, viticulture is the most prosperous sector, with an average income of 2,790 euros per month, but down 3.9% compared to 2016.

At the bottom of the scale, sheep, goat and equine breeders get their tongues, with an average income of 620 euros per month, which is 9% lower than in 2016.

For the cattle farmers, if the year was not flourishing, it knew a better in 2017: with 1,100 euros of income per month, they benefited from a form of “catch-up” (+ 15,9%) . At the same time, the incomes of mixed-farming farmers saw their average income rise to 1,090 euros, an increase of 25.2%.

In 2016, they had suffered the collapse of milk prices due to the end of milk quotas in 2015.

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