Order Paper: Chocolate Madness (3/5)

In Germany, the consumption of chocolate reaches every year highs. It's the most addicted country in the world. On average, 11 kilos of chocolate per year and per capita are consumed. “Germans love with marzipan or nougat and of course the alcoholic pralines, very traditional here“Chocolate is an industry in Germany, one of Europe's largest chocolate factories in Stuttgart, founded more than a century ago and employing 1,000 people.” tons of chocolate bars are made every day.

The dense cocoa paste comes from Nicaragua. “That's what is then transformed throughout the plant“The German favorite is the chocolate and hazelnut tablet,” says a factory manager, shipping the chocolate to more than 100 countries and helping to make Germany the world's largest chocolate exporter Germans are also famous for their traditional dessert: the black forest.

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