Order Paper: Tomato over the seasons (1/5)

Like every day or so, a resident of the Val de Seine district of Paris, finds her little piece of paradise: the shared gardens. At the beginning of May, the sun plays with the clouds and the vegetable gardens take on colors. For ten years, she shares, with another manager, the same passion: the tomato, the queen of vegetable gardens. In luxury restaurants, with hard workers, engaged market gardeners, the tomato evolves differently over the seasons.

Few people know that the future of the tomato is invented in the south of France, in the laboratories of Montfavet, in Avignon (Vaucluse). Seeds of 2,000 varieties are stored. Many come from the United States and a collector. The tomatoes of tomorrow will be invented here, in the greenhouses. 700 kilometers away, in the village of Montlouis-sur-Loire (Indre-et-Loire), is held as every year the festival of tomatoes. Thousands of “tomatophiles” are expected.

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