our 10 favorites of the 2019 edition devoted to the environment

This year, 800 films from 91 countries have been sent, 50 films are finally in competition, we have selected our 10 favorites.

The jury of the Mobile Film Festival unveiled its finalists. For its 15th edition, the festival chose to defend the theme “ACT NOW” (on climate change) (act now on climate change, editor's note) in partnership with YouTube Creators for Change and the United Nations, with United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In total, more than 800 achievements of about one minute were sent from 91 countries, a record of diversity highlighting the interest of participants for the climate cause. Film and entertainment personalities as varied as actresses Emma de Caunes and Sara Giraudeau (Little Peasant, The Bureau of Legends), the activist youtubeur Nicolas Meyrieux, the actor Hugo Becker (Gossip Girl) or the president of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute, Patricia Ricard, have chosen their 50 favorite films. And ours, in a very subjective way: here are our favorites, our selection of ten films. Plus one, you will understand why.

“This family”

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Franks Duque / Mobile Film Festival

Slumped in a couch, a Colombian family is filling up with industrial food. Waste of all kinds are piling up under the dumbfounded gaze of a young girl. How will she react? A short film full of sarcasm visually very successful, where the twilight colors suggest the stifling heat of a world in perdition.

“The Father of Trees”

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Teymour Ghaderi – Mobile Film Festival

In Iran, a man tries to save trees by turning plastic bottles that litter the ground into water dispensers. The film makes the bet of sobriety. Neither text nor music, but sublime images that highlight the anonymous who act concretely for the environment.

“Game Over”

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Noelie Meckenstock / Mobile Film Festival

This French realization presents the progressive destruction of the planet as a game: who will be the best real estate developer? The players roll the dice, the look full of lust. Unbridled music paces the video to an unexpected end.


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Takramian Fardin & Masoud Qanbarlu / Mobile Film Festival

The Iranian video, full of melancholy, follows the path of a polar bear toy, deprived of the necessary glaciers, and a little girl who tries to correct the mistakes of his father. Global warming seen by the generation that will suffer full force.

“Turn off the tap”

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Rafael Franco / Mobile Film Festival

In Peru, in the near future, locals rave about the presence of the only tap in the country to deliver drinking water. While news channels take hold of the subject and flourish on the web the hashtag #CloseLeRobinet, it remains open, tirelessly. But for how long ? Full of irony, the short film denounces a generation constantly in search of buzz.


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David Murad / Mobile Film Festival

In Brazil, a helpless man attends the speech of a Jair Bolsonaro persuaded that his country is one of “those who protect the environment the mostIn the middle of the dead branches and roots, in the heart of the Amazon, the film sounds like a heartbreaking report: soon, the green lung of the planet will be more.

“#Everything is fine”

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Matthieu Boivineau / Mobile Film Festival

28 degrees in January, what more could you ask for? Gradually, we are witnessing the collapse of the world through stories Instagram of a French woman who understands, too late, that the world she knew no longer exists. Once again, the short film uses irony to awaken people's consciences.


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Felix Dobaire & Timé Bulliard / Mobile Film Festival

The long return to the sender of a plastic bottle thrown by an unconscious citizen. “Take care of nature, it will make you“could be the credo of the two Frenchmen at the origin of the find … Funny and well done.

“The Red Days”

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Anatole Levilain-Clément / Mobile Film Festival

The film accumulates winks to the old horror cinema. The drawings expose an apocalyptic world where we can not hope anymore “of green dreams, to defeat the red days“A dystopia of a minute that does not leave indifferent.

“Time's Up”

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Nikilav Venkatesh / Mobile Film Festival

Rhythmic music, skilful use of the sounds of demonstration, black and white … Sent from India, the short film pushes young people around the world to shout their anger at those who prefer to lower their eyes. Simple and efficient.

Bonus: “Champêtre Cup”

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Charly Bouthemy / Mobile Film Festival

Because it was impossible to select only ten. As funny as it is relevant, Country Cup tells the ecological awareness of a young man who still has some way to go before changing his habits, and denounces the hypocrisy of those who surf the wave without really fighting against global warming.

The complete list of achievements is to be discovered on the festival site.


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