outgoing President Ashraf Ghani officially re-elected

The outgoing leader obtained 50.64% of the votes in the presidential election of September 28, according to the final results announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), five months after the poll.

The results of the presidential election of September 28, 2019 are finally known in Afghanistan. Outgoing President Ashraf Ghani was re-elected head of the country, according to the final results of the election, announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Tuesday February 18. The results were announced more than three months late, almost five months after the election. A total of 16,500 complaints of irregularities had been lodged by the candidates.

“The Election Commission (…) says Ashraf Ghani, who won 50.64% of the vote, President of Afghanistan “, said Hawa Alam Nuristani, President of IEC, at a press conference. Preliminary results released in late December had already shown an absolute majority victory for the Afghan head of state. “May God help him serve the people of Afghanistan… I also pray that peace will come to our country”added Hawa Alan Nuristani.

Ashraf Ghani will likely be seated facing the Taliban at the negotiating table during discussions to decide the future of the country. This dialogue must begin after the signing of an agreement between Washington and the insurgents, aimed at the withdrawal of American troops from the country in exchange in particular for security guarantees.

The final presidential results could however be disputed again, as they had already been in 2014. The team of Abdullah Abdullah, who received 39.52% of the votes, has already announced that they will not accept no results “fraudulent”. Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum, a powerful former warlord and ally of Abdullah, also threatened to form a parallel government.

This presidential election was marked by a very low turnout, with 1.8 million votes taken into account by the IEC, out of a total of 9.6 million registered voters. Almost one million of the 2.7 million votes originally recorded had been discarded for irregularities. Both the Afghan population and the international community fear a repetition of the 2014 scenario, when Abdullah Abdullah had disputed the election results, marred by serious irregularities, which had led to a constitutional crisis.


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