Paris: a camp of 1,600 migrants evacuated

Framed by 600 police forces, more than 1600 men, women and children were evacuated Thursday, November 7 in the morning in Paris. The migrants were taken on buses. A decision applied by the prefect of police of Paris. “Not only are we sheltering, that is to say a humanitarian approach, an approach that allows those who are in extremely difficult situations accommodation, but we will not tolerate resettlement”said Didier Lallement. The association Utopia is not convinced by the arguments and the operation of the prefect.

So, how do you make sure that this dismantling is final? In the capital, the operation is not the first of its kind. Since 2015 and the beginning of the migration crisis, there have been in the city of Paris alone, 59 evacuations. Expulsions are repeated. A few meters from the now empty camp, the residents have no illusions. “We evacuate them, we put them on one side, they come back, on the other side we can not do anything, it's like that”, laments a woman. To reassure the population, the Minister of the Interior has announced regular patrols.


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