payment by contactless bank card explodes

In the streets, on store fronts, more and more merchants display color: favor bank cards, or in some cases even ban cash. In a DIY store, a team from France 2 wanted to try to pay with cash, despite the sign at the entrance which encourages customers to pay with a bank card. The cashier did not refuse the tickets.

It is for health reasons that stores encourage card payments. Sylvie Gobert, shopkeeper in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), generalized the use of contactless. “Basically, I prefer card payment from € 10 because of bank charges. But there, with the Covid-19, I prefer. If the customer wants to pay by card, even if it's below 10 €, I don't care “, she explains. Since deconfinement, contactless payment has exploded. It represents a purchase by bank card out of two.


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