Pension reform: the government seeks to defuse the dispute

According to Anne Bourse, the France Télévisions special correspondent in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Prime Minister Édouard Philippe was there to “clear the ground”. He explained that he “There is no urgency to reform and we must take the time of the transition and we will not take people by surprise”. A short sentence that aims to “defuse the situation in a very tense social context”Anne Bourse added that the Prime Minister was accompanied by the High Commissioner for pension reform, Jean-Paul Delevoye.

It also indicates that the Prime Minister wished “to set the record straight, he sought to clear the ground as the hotbeds of contention multiply.The government fears that the pension reform crystallizes all anger.Edouard Philippe showed that he did not want to rush the things and continue to conct “. Each union will be received by the Prime Minister one-on-one to Matignon.

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