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It was a request from the FNSEA. Emmanuel Macron ruled on Saturday 22 February that it was “impossible” to revalue farmers' current retirement pensions to 85% of the minimum wage, a measure provided for in the future system but which would be too expensive to apply to farmers who are already retired. “I cannot manage the future and the past at the same time. I am not going to lie to you. Finally, you are already seeing everything that is going on,” stressed the head of state when arriving at the 57th International Fair of Agriculture in Paris where he was arrested from the start by representatives of the FNSEA, the majority agricultural union.

Upstream from the Show, the FNSEA had asked for an “urgent revaluation” of farmers' retirement pensions to “at least 85% of the minimum wage”. “Everyone who enters the new system, unlike the old one, they will have a minimum retirement guarantee. Can I tell you: all the (farmers) retired today can enter? impossible. It is impossible, because it is (a cost of)) 1.1 billion, “replied Emmanuel Macron.

Project the country

This figure of 1.1 billion would correspond to a revaluation of pensions for current retirees and their spouses, said the head of state. “If I say that for farmers, what do I say to traders, artisans, freelancers who are in exactly the same situation?”, He added. “You were in support of the reform. But in the past, I cannot say: we will only treat the peasants. It is impossible (…) we should treat all those who have been on others systems to bring everyone back to 85%. At that time, the cost is very important. It is tens of billions of euros. “

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“You ask me to repair four decades in the past, while I try to project the country four decades ahead and there is already some resistance, as you have seen,” said the chief of the State, while discussions are bogged down in the Assembly on this reform also highly contested in the street.


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