“Place des Victoires”, a touching encounter between a Roma child and a man adrift

A meeting that saves a life, that's the story of the film Victory Square. A drifting man, played by actor Guillaume de Tonquédec, finds hope in helping a Roma child. Behind the scenes too, the entire film crew became fond of Piti Puia, the child of Romanian origin who plays the little thief. The young actor had the same difficult life as his character. He also has the same dreams.

While waiting to become a footballer, he is the pride of his family. “When my mother saw the movie the first time, she cried”explains the young actor. Before leaving, Victory Square has already changed the life of Piti Puia and her family. “Today, he is in school.The family has an apartment in Rosny-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) paid for by production.The family also has land in Romania, on which it begins to build a house”explains Yoann Guillouzouic, the director of the film.

Victory Square is released in theaters Wednesday, November 6th.

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