President Evo Morales announces his resignation

His (easy) reelection in the first round of the presidential election had sparked a grumbling movement in the street, between social crisis and accusation of rigged elections.

The announcement had become unavoidable. Urged to resign by the opposition, protesters and the military, as his ministers left the government one after the other, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation in a televised speech on Sunday (November 10th). His promise of early elections was not enough to calm social discontent.

In his televised address with his vice-president Alvaro Garcia Linera, Morales announced his resignation after the order of the state of the army enjoining him to leave power. “I give up my position as president”said the 60-year-old indigenous leader, who has been in power since 2006. “The coup was consumed”said the vice president.

Signs of worsening the situation have increased in recent days, with mutinies of police units in several parts of the country and the occupation of state media by protesters. “Our democracy is in danger because of the ongoing coup that violent groups have launched against the constitutional order”Evo Morales said Friday night. The wave of protest that has shaken the country for three weeks has left three dead and 383 injured.


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