President Nicolas Maduro indicted in the United States for “narco-terrorism”

The United States has attached this charge to a $ 15 million reward for any information leading to his arrest.

A charge and a bonus for his arrest. The United States announced on Thursday, March 26, the indictment of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and several of his relatives, for “narco-terrorism”. A way to further increase the pressure on the socialist leader from whom they wish to be ousted.

“The government of Donald Trump, in outrageously extreme, vulgar and miserable action, has launched a series of spurious false accusations. I say it like that: you are miserable, Donald Trump! , racist and supremacist, he manages international relations like an extortionist “, the Venezuelan leader reacted on national television.

Washington also offers a bonus of up to $ 15 million (13.5 million euros) for any information that would arrest the Venezuelan president. “We want him to be captured so that he can answer for his actions before an American court”said Justice Minister Bill Barr.

Asked about the advisability of such an announcement in the middle of a health crisis, the minister judged that it was “the best way to support the Venezuelan people”. However, he refused to specify whether the United States was considering intervention in Venezuela to arrest him or to make an extradition request against the head of state.

The United States, as well as sixty countries, support the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom they have recognized as interim president. Washington is trying to suffocate the government of Nicolas Maduro with a series of economic sanctions.

The stated objective of Donald Trump is to contribute to the ouster of the successor of Hugo Chavez, a great slayer of “North American imperialism”. But the latter retains the support of China, Russia and Cuba, and support for Juan Guaido begins to run out of steam in the country.


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