professional footballers on partial unemployment, a questionable device but assumed by the State

While the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 football championships stopped in mid-March in France, some clubs have decided to lay off their players. This use of public money is disputed, but legal.

Since the beginning of confinement, the government generalized partial unemployment to all sectors of activity and therefore to professional football. Some football clubs, such as PSG, Girondins de Bordeaux, Olympique Lyonnais, Olympique de Marseille, OGC Nice, Monpellier or Stade de Reims, have put their employees, and therefore their players, on partial unemployment .

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Since the end of the championships, the clubs have had no cash flow. More ticketing recipe. Canal +, one of the broadcasters, refuses to pay TV rights, and some are even dropped by their partners. Recourse to short-time working is therefore essential, according to them, to avoid sinking.

Concretely, the club compensates its employees up to 70% of their gross remuneration. Then the State – via unemployment insurance – reimburses it but not in full: within the limit of 4.5 times the minimum wage. “On Neymar's salary, it is obvious that it is so high that the ceiling of 4,800 euros paid by the state absolutely does not compensate for the loss of salary of the player in the context of partial unemployment”, says Jean-François Brocard, a teacher at the University of Limoges. According to him, “There are still some benefits that are offered to the club and therefore paid for by the taxpayer.”

Football benefits a little bit, it's certainly not very ethical.Jean-François Brocardat franceinfo

Questionable therefore, but the government assumes this device. “The question is to have a general rule, explains his spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye, because if you start by saying 'it must not be the football players', tomorrow we will say 'it must not be this or that category of business', because inside this business you have amazing salaries, so you make a selection. “ In Ligue 1, the median salary of a player is 35,000 euros per month.


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