Purchasing power: what changed between 1960 and 2019

If the government and figures of the Bank of France indicate an increase in purchasing power in 2019, in fact, the French are still skeptical. But it must be said that in fifty years, they do not spend the same way anymore. France 2 compared the expenses of Agnès Garnier, aged 30 in the 1960s, and those of her 25 year-old grandson, Thibaut, in 2019. Thus, Agnes wrote at the time 25% of its expenditure on food and beverages, mainly bread and potatoes.

In 2019, Thibaut eats more fish and fresh vegetables, and spends 10% of his budget on food. In the 1960s, clothes were expensive because of the material. The young woman spent 12% of her budget, against 4% for her grandson, who buys clothes made in Asia, in department stores.

But for Agnes, heating and housing accounted for 11% of his expenses, against 20% for the apartment, certainly more comfortable, Thibaut. This is his first expense item. The transport budget remains stable, but that of the communication has been multiplied by four between the years 1960 and 2019.

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