Pyrenees ski resorts prepare after first snow

In the Pyrenees, the first snow fell. The opportunity for some families to put on the suits and enjoy. In the closed stations, the athletes put on the skis. For the professionals, the challenge is to fix this under layer of snow. Surprisingly, while the snow flurries follow one another, the resort of Peyragudes (Hautes-Pyrénées) will run every night its 250 snowguns, checked one by one. Work needed to stabilize natural snow and make it more resistant to skiers.

“We need to make snow”explains Herve Farfale, deputy director. “50 cm of natural snowfall are equivalent, in packed snow, to 20 cm,” he continues. He fell 1 m of snow at 2,400 m altitude, a record according to Météo France for a beginning of November for twenty-five years. Peyragudes aims to open on November 23, one month earlier than in 2018.

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