Raymond Poulidor, the best of “Poupou”

On Wednesday 13 November, the former cyclist died at the age of 83. The one who was nicknamed “Poupou” remained the darling of the French throughout his career. “I certainly had a lot of enemies among my opponents because it was normal. Even when I did not win races, the public had their eyes on me. I happened to be embarrassed for my opponents “confided the Frenchman.

Never winner of the Tour de France, never wearing the yellow jersey, Raymond Poulidor was a giant of the French bike, the major rival of Jacques Anquetil, him 5 times winner of the Tour de France. “Jacques was shy, we avoided meeting when we were in the same hotel. One came back through the main door, the other through the emergency door. The friendship came from both of us, when we stopped our career“Explained Raymond Poulidor again. “If I finish second, we may not pay much attention to it. We'll say, 'it's a place he's used to“he explained again.

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