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A housing of 57 square meters, rented in 70 days, for 723 euros per month including expenses, is the portrait-robot of the French real estate developed by a team of specialists of the artificial intelligence of SeLoger group. Indeed, according to the JDD, they analyzed every month and in real time more than 800,000 ads posted on the site. As a result, in a market with prices on the rise overall, large-size apartments (three or more units) are seeing falling rents in many large cities.

For Florent Guiocheau, data manager of SeLoger group, the phenomenon is correlated with the attractiveness of cities. Indeed, in Marseille, Rennes or Aix-en-Provence, student cities and hyper attractive in terms of investment and rental profitability, the market is shifting on small surfaces and the demand falls on large. Thus, while we see that the rents of supermarkets fall, those of small areas rise to the reverse. Another explanation for this decrease in rents for supermarkets, a policy of construction of new housing is sometimes at odds with the demand of buyers.

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Indeed according to the JDD, in the small suburbs of Paris, there is a very strong activity of real estate promotion on housing large areas in cities such as Issy-les-Moulineaux, Vanves or Malakoff. Problem, the demand is directed mainly at smaller areas for rental investment. A discrepancy between supply and demand which causes prices to fall. This gap is even stronger in the attractive cities of western France according to SeLoger. “In Rennes, where the price of rents per square meter has soared in one year, three-room sales are down almost 10%,” says Florent Guiocheau.

The best product for landlords is a two-room unit

The demand is mainly made up of students and young workers, proof of the attractiveness of the city. Buyers who favor small housing. This same phenomenon is observed in the city of Nantes and Angers by the specialists of the website and newspaper classified ads. Angers is this year the most attractive city in terms of rental investment, with a net rate of return of 5.8%. As part of this market, the best product for landlords is a two-room unit of more than 50 square meters. A choice that justifies the decline of more than 3% of rents of three-rooms in the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire.


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