Red, orange or green department? The deconfinement card

The government has placed 35 departments in “red”, including the whole of Ile-de-France and the northeast quarter of the country, according to a provisional map unveiled Thursday by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran and corresponding to the circulation of the coronavirus and tensions over capacities in intensive care.

This map, prepared in anticipation of the deconfinement which will begin on May 11, separates the metropolitan and overseas departments between “red”, green “and” oranges “and will be revised daily until May 7, said the minister. The card drawn up on this date, which will include only two categories (“green” or “red”), will serve as a reference for the implementation of deconfinement.

In the green areas, a lesser presence of the virus will make it possible to organize a wider deconfinement. The “orange” territories present only one of the two criteria, the active circulation of the virus or the capacity for resuscitation. These are “data as of this evening on April 30, reflecting epidemic activity and the hospital load in intensive care for the last 7 days” insisted the Minister, and this card does not change the rules of confinement currently in force.

In the northeast quarter, the Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est, Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Ile-de-France regions are fully classified as “red” as well as the departments of Cher, Lot, Haute -Corsica and Mayotte. The other departments are distributed more or less equally between “orange” and “green”, the latter being mainly concentrated on the Atlantic coast and in the southwest quarter of the country.

Hospital saturation level

In a vast northeast quarter, “80 to 161% of initial resuscitation capacity” is occupied, according to another map shown by Olivier Véran. “As long as there are a lot of patients (in intensive care), we will have to be particularly careful when lifting the confinement” because “we could very quickly find a level of saturation” in the event of an epidemic recovery, he said. warned. “These cards do not change anything in the confinement which remains the same until May 11”, regardless of the territory where we are, added the minister again.

The total assessment of the epidemic now stands at 24,087 dead since March 1, including 15,244 in hospitals (+191) and 9,132 in social and medico-social establishments including nursing homes (+98).



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