Red, orange or green: the map of the departments of May 1

Following errors on the data in the provisional map of departments presented yesterday Thursday, April 30, the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon explained, in his daily update this Friday, that certain departments were going to be reclassified, like the Lot which goes from red to green. He said the data had been corrected for nine departments. This map separates the departments for the implementation of a more or less strict deconfinement. Here is the May 1 card:

The classification in “red” of the departments of Lot and Cher on the map established in anticipation of deconfinement is undoubtedly due to counting errors, had indicated Friday the regional health agencies (ARS) of Occitanie and Center. In the Lot, “which is not at this stage among the most impacted by the epidemic”, this ranking “has aroused strong and legitimate misunderstandings,” recognized ARS Occitanie in a statement published overnight. The ARS explained that this card takes into account an indicator comparing the number of emergency visits for suspected coronavirus to the total number of admissions.

Overvalued emergency department rate

“A rapid analysis of these data concluded that a number of samples recently taken by Lot's emergency services had led (..) to overstate the percentage of emergency visits for suspected coronavirus compared to reality”, according to ARS Occitanie. “The indicator used at the national level was probably distorted for the Lot department,” she added, stressing that the data “imputed in error” would be corrected. Regarding Cher, “we believe that there have been data errors and the objective is that the correction can be made as quickly as possible,” said Christophe Lugnot, chief of staff to the ARS Center.

According to the latest figures published Thursday by these ARS, the Cher currently has three people tested positive in intensive care (only one for the Lot) and has recorded 129 deaths (16 for the Lot) since the start of the epidemic. The president of the Lot department, Serge Rigal, expressed his dissatisfaction with this “error of the year” in a letter to the Ministry of Health. “As of Thursday evening (…) we understood that it was a counting error. It is the error of the year!”, He declared in a press release, affirming that 'it was necessary “now to reassure the population about the real circulation of the virus”. Thursday, the Corsican ARS had already recognized a doubt on the classification of Haute-Corse in red, indicating that “the modalities of coding by the Bastia hospital center lead to an overestimation of the number of emergency visits for Covid”.

Two indicators

As a reminder, two indicators make it possible to draw up this summary map: the active circulation of the virus, on the one hand, and the hospital pressure on the capacities of resuscitation on the other hand. Here are the details for Friday, May 1, published by the Ministry of Health:

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