Regulating the digital giants is a “vital priority” for the government

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The French government wants to better regulate the digital giants. The French secretary of state for digital, Cédric O, insisted Sunday on the need to seize this “key issue” in the agenda of the next European Commission. “Putting regulatory frameworks at the height of the challenge” that constitute the giant platforms of digital technology “will take time” but “this is an essential question for the coming years,” said the head of the micro France Info.

“This is one of the highest topics on the agenda of the European Commission,” he stressed, “an almost vital priority for the public authorities because these companies by their size, their technological and legal complexity pose problems. questions as they have never asked. ” For many months, Europe, France in the lead, seeks to further regulate the digital giants like Google, Facebook or Amazon.

Google sanctioned?

The French press has recently decided to lodge a complaint with the French Competition Authority, in response to the US giant Google accused of circumventing the law on neighboring rights, a new mechanism supposed to promote a better sharing of digital revenues. The Autorité de la concurrence seized this case to sanction a possible abuse of dominant position of Google.

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“It is not very tactically clever (…) to wave a red rag under the nose of the legislator and to flee the European states”, especially “at a time when 50 US judges have brought an action against Google for abuse of dominant position “, said Cédric O. The Secretary of State was also convinced that Thierry Breton proposed by France to become European Commissioner after the scathing rejection of Sylvie Goulard was” the best person “for this post.

A “very big fight”

The former CEO of the computer group Atos and former Minister of the Economy “knows the topics of defense, economic, European, it is at the heart of the subject of digital which is one of the very big fights that we have on the table “in Europe, he stressed. French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed Thierry Breton as a new French member of the European Commission, with a broad portfolio comprising industrial policy, the internal market, digital, defense and space.

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But some voices are rising against the nomination of Thierry Breton. Between his trips back and forth between the private and the public and his position as leader at Atos, several officials grit their teeth and see a risk of conflicts of interest and possible blockages in the European Parliament.


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