Rehab. No, pedophile teachers are not transferred overseas

National education was transferring pedophile teachers in the overseas territories to keep them away? On January 3, Ségolène Royal declared at Jean-Jacques Bourdin, on RMC / BFMTV : ” Before, we discreetly transferred pedophiles, if possible in the Overseas Territories, like that it was far away, we no longer heard of it. This little phrase from the former Minister of Education, which had gone unnoticed at first, caused a lot of reaction in the French overseas territories. More than a month after these statements, a member for Guyana even asked for a parliamentary inquiry.

On an overseas channel, Ségolène Royal, who struggled to justify her remarks, speaks of isolated rural villages and no longer just overseas, and explains that transferring pedophile teachers was a practice in force until 1997, the year when it became Minister of National Education.

In fact, the action then taken by Ségolène Royal to tackle the problem of pedophilia is indisputable. But his evocation of overseas transfers is hardly supported. A report was commissioned by the minister, and delivered in 1998, on the “culture of suffocation” in education. He clearly denounces the transfers of teachers suspected of child crime without the necessary information being communicated to future superiors.

But the changes denounced in the report concern the whole of France. And none of the people contacted by Désintox and having worked on the subject have the memory of a general, or even occasional, practice of transferring teachers in the Overseas Territories.

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