Rehab. No, there was no discussion between Russia and Saudi Arabia for an exchange of places of worship

This story is told in a tweet, shared nearly 2000 times. ” It is the application of the principle of reciprocitygreet a Parisian lawyer, retweeted by Christine Boutin.

But as plausible as it may seem, this story is actually an invention. The two heads of state have never minted so places of worship to build the other. Moreover, if there is no large orthodox church in Riyadh, there is already a big mosque in Moscow, destroyed in 2011 and rebuilt in 2015.

The story that most resembles this intox is from 2008when the Saudi king proposed to build a mosque in Moscow. In response, Russian Orthodox groups, not Vladimir Putin, had unsuccessfully asked to build a church in Riyadh.

But at every meeting between the Russian president and the Saudi king, history resurfaced on social networks. With French-speaking supporters of Putin in August 2017then via the party of far right, the party of France. More recently, it is no longer the King of Saudi Arabia who proposed this bartering to the tenant of the Kremlin, but the crown prince of the kingdom, Mohamed Ben Salmane. In short, the poison fits, but remains false.

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